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Fittree - Your workouts everywhere | Product Hunt

Fittree is a link to your workouts. All you need is a to share with everyone, everywhere.

Fittree is a tool for fitness influencers like you to create awesome workouts and share them with your followers, clients, brand partners etc. Take your link everywhere your fitness brand exists.

It is simple, you have a brand (sense of value and reputation) to build, and we have the means to help you achieve that. Fittree is a fit-for-purpose link to the value you have to offer to your community.

Yes and No, there’s a mobile app for creators to create and share workouts on the fly, whilst workouts are easily accessible on the web via any platform.

All you need is a link

You can"t monetise your workouts on Fittree at the moment; however, we are working on ways to help you achieve such.